Lindsay Marie Stewart

Luthiers & Musicians

Featuring two short documentaries for Fretboard Journal: “We Should Build Mandolins” and “A Visit To Romero Banjos.”

We Should Build Mandolins

Filmed by: Lindsay Marie Stewart & Matt Miles

Austin, Texas. 2013. We Should Build Mandolins is the story of Tom Ellis, Austin, Texas' master mandolin builder and inlay master. After successfully building some of the world's finest mandolins from 1970s to the early 1990s, Ellis quit building instruments to run a successful company (Precision Pearl Inlay) that built parts for many other guitar and mandolin manufacturers.

A Visit To Romero Banjos

Photography and B-Roll Footage by: Lindsay Marie Stewart

Horsefly, British Columbia. 2012. From the tiny town of Horsefly, British Columbia, Jason and Pharis Romero create some of the most unique fretted instruments available today. J. Romero Custom Banjos pay homage to early old-time open-back banjos but with thoroughly modern improvements. They are unique, artistic banjos that look as stunning as they sound.

Nimblefingers 2016

Live multi-cam, multi-track, one-take performance videos for NimbleFingers Bluegrass and Old-Time Music Workshop, 2016.